25 Pine Exterior
25 Pine Dining
25 Pine Lvg Rm 2

25 Pine

25 Pine Addition

"Visually strong.... blends in with the neighbors...fun....loaded with clever visuals,..a certain wisdom about the use of space. Above all .... doesn't cost a fortune to build."
Montgomery Journal Newspaper

"The architect has raised design to a higher level without forgetting the owner's desire for good living."
Washingtonian Magazine

Award for "Distinctive Residential Architecture in the Washington Metropolitan Area" co-sponsored by the Washingtonian Magazine and the American Institute of Architects.

Custom home and studio with "Home Sweet Home" imagery in an historic district comprised largely of bungalows and turn-of-the-century homes. The house is fun, energy-efficient, light-filled, and spacious in feel while being small and efficient.