Addition to an outstanding primary historical resource Gothic Revival style house c1888 in Takoma Park Historic District. The original structure was designed in a symmetrical "H-shape" with a wing at each side of a central core. The one story addition centered at the rear of the house filling in and projecting 14 feet towards the rear lot line has a hipped roof and stained glass windows to obscure the view of the neighbors.

The addition incorporated a new kitchen, family room and covered entry to the rear play area, and complements the house by continuing the symmetrical theme of the original structure.




"The carriage house, a valued part of many historic properties, is an old idea whose idea has come again. When SPA rebuilt a historic carriage house, the new structure became a functional extension of the main house, while retaining the flavor and some of the materials of the original. In (this) secondary building there's more a sense of fun, a little less seriousness."
The Washington Post

Preservation Award from Montgomery Preservation, Inc. for "New "Construction Within an Historic District"--Carriage House in Takoma Park, MD.

This award-winning structure includes a garage in the front with an entrance to an office/studio and a full bathroom on the first floor. The second floor is an open office/studio. The shed structure at the side houses garden equipment and storage.